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Trey Anastasio Live at Academy of Music, Northampton, MA - 3/8/2017 Full Audio

Trey Anastasio Live at Academy of Music, Northampton, MA - 3/8/2017 Full Show AUD Trey Anastasio Acoustic 3-8-2017 Academy of Music Northampton, MA  Thanks to Greg Nash for the recording - credit: deepriverrecording -

Discern, Farmhouse, Brian And Robert, Theme From The Bottom, The Horse Silent In The Morning, Frost, Anything But Me, Limb By Limb, Walfredo, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, All Of These Dreams, Winterqueen, Steam, Heavy Things, Summer Of 89, Miss You, Architect, Tree, Water In The Sky, Cavern, Backwards Down The Number Line, More,

Encore: Sample In A Jar, Wilson, Bouncing Around The Room

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LISTEN: "A New Life" by Jim James

Jim James treated fans yesterday, releasing the fresh sounds of  his latest song, titled "A New Life". The track is actually the second song from the record to see an early release of promotion of his forthcoming debut solo album, "Regions of Light and Sound of God"., Last month, fans were first treated with early promo release, and a free download of the track titled, "Know Til Now". 

source:Jim James