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Tonight: Moon Taxi Rides Through Lexvegas

The Nashville based band, Moon Taxi makes their quarterly visit to Lexington, KY tonight. The band will undoubtedly bring their uniquely crafted, infectious style, of rock-swagger  infused with jams that effortlessly swing from  "melodic-indiepop" to straight"face-melting".

Fresh out of the studio with the release of the second studio effort only weeks away, The Taxi has declared tonight's show a Cosmic Charlies to be nothing short of live listening party of the new record, for Lexington, fans. Of course,when one considers the band's more than five year history of declaring  its love of Lexington,..until finally   resorting to calling the city "Sexington."                                                                                                                                 

Lastly, and certainly worth mentioning, Moon Taxi's brand new DVD release will be available at the
merch table  this evening as well. Below is  a nice clip of wh…

Lexington Police Closeout Cosmic Charlie's Cookout

The Lexington, KY Police shut down another concert at local music venue Cosmic Charlies. It was by no means the first time an incident like this has happened. As a matter of fact, it happens way too frequently. The first, being on Christmas Eve, 2009. The venue only opened in September of 2009, yet has had numerous incidents such as this one. Tonight, the venue posted this statement via Facebook
"This is a call to action. Follow us this week to help keep live music legal on campus! If not for us, do it for your yourselves!"

Lexington Gets 3rd Music Radio Show with "The Other Brother's Rock & Talk Showcase"

by Erik Rust Variety is arguably the spice of life, even regarding music radio shows on our local airwaves. Soon to join two established programs originating from Lexington: The Other Brother's Rock and Talk Radio Show, its producers and hosts hoping to add another entry of homegrown music-based radio programming to the national and international pipeline.

The idea is to produce a two-hour, live show featuring original talent including one local act and one national act per show.
The Other Brothers, a local staple of the city's music scene themselves, know firsthand the necessity and need of promoting one's sonic craft and enlisting new fans. Performing for a shade over five years now as a regular in the local music scene, they have diligently spread their rocking Gospel of roots, blues and Americana laced rock to the public.
Founded by brothers Gabe and Nate Grossman and friend Kyle Keith, they deliver their barroom southern style in the tradition of influences such as The…

The Other Brothers - 2/27/2010 - a set on Flickr

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