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Django Reinhardt played his solos with two fingers. At the age of 18, in an accident in his caravan, his back and left hand was heavily burned. Being already a reputed musician, his career seemed to be over. In 2 years he recovered and developed the technique that helped him to be the best. Two physicians thoroughly analyzed his hand and according to them:

"Django’s technique was only possible because of the remarkable length and span of his index and middle fingers. Photographs show that he could play a "barre" across the full width of the fret board using just the distal two phalanges of his index finger, and a half barre with the distal phalanx of his middle finger and analysis of film footage shows that he could effortlessly span a distance of at least 120mm [4.7 inches] between the tips of his index and middle fingers."

This event is also a landmark in the history of guitar and jazz. Django created a whole new set of chords and arpeggios and became the most virtuoso guitarist ever. Try a solo with 2 fingers, and feel the strength it gives to your acoustic sound, or watch the 20 minute presentation of the research on Django’s hand. The whole study is here.

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