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JACK WHITE III - "Love Interruption" - from debut solo album 'Blunderbuss'

"Love Interruption" is the first taste of Jack White's forthcoming debut album, Blunderbuss, out April 23/24 on Third Man Records/XL Recordings/Columbia.
Pre-order your copy of the 7" vinyl featuring non-LP B-side "Machine Gun Silhouette," out on Third Man Records February 7 here:
The track will be available digitally for purchase, as of 9pm PST 1/30/12 here:

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"Payable On Death Skull" : A Design by @MattTempleton2 | TalentHouse | #CreativeInvites #pod1904

via "Payable On Death Skull" By Matt TempletonIf showing support for art created by emerging independent artists is something you do from time to time; then head over to and choose your favorite logo design for P.O.D. Posted via email from Turner Burns