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Reminder: It is Officially 11-11-11

                                              Be sure to take it to 11 all day long!

Fifth on the Floor - Distant Memory Lane (Official Video)

The Lexington, KY based band Fifth on the Floor,
publicly invited fans, via the band's twitter feed (@FifthontheFloor), to head over to YouTube and view the new official music video for song,"Distant Memory Lane", from the album "Dark and Bloody Ground."

The video, directed by Blake Judd, edited by Jacob Ennis, and produced by JuddFilms and Tuckywood Productions, was filmed at various sites in and near Lexington, Kentucky, including The Green Lantern. is definitely worth a viewing. Likewise, "Distant Memory Lane" is worth more than several listens itself; as it certainly embodies that, energized country/Americana roots-rock sound, that Fifth on the Floor has truly honed into a sound all their own.