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First Look: Trailer for THE RUM DIARY Starring Johnny Depp

via The Rum Diary, most certainly sits high at the top of the the long list of works by the late, great; Hunter S. Thompson. After well over more than three years since first hearing rumors that a screenplay was in the works, to eventually seeing photos from the set; the film is finally rolling into theaters on October 28th. Posted via email from Second Verse...Same As The First

Tonight: Moon Taxi Rides Through Lexvegas

The Nashville based band, Moon Taxi makes their quarterly visit to Lexington, KY tonight. The band will undoubtedly bring their uniquely crafted, infectious style, of rock-swagger  infused with jams that effortlessly swing from  "melodic-indiepop" to straight"face-melting".

Fresh out of the studio with the release of the second studio effort only weeks away, The Taxi has declared tonight's show a Cosmic Charlies to be nothing short of live listening party of the new record, for Lexington, fans. Of course,when one considers the band's more than five year history of declaring  its love of Lexington,..until finally   resorting to calling the city "Sexington."                                                                                                                                 

Lastly, and certainly worth mentioning, Moon Taxi's brand new DVD release will be available at the
merch table  this evening as well. Below is  a nice clip of wh…