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Headtronics hit Lexington, KY Tonight with Shemale Fiesta opening things up,

"Headtronics is an electronic project from DJ Logic (Medeski, Martin and Wood; John Popper Project), Steve Molitz (Particle; Phil Lesh and Friends) and local bass prodigy Freekbass (Bootsy Collins; Buckethead) that has already received national attention though the artists have only performed a very limited number of dates.

The trio was birthed from a collaborative effort during last summer's Universal Church of Love and Music Funk Festival in PA. Afterward, Freekbass said, “It turned out to be one of those magical musical moments, so we decided to play some full shows together.” The accolades and influences of the individual artists of Headtronics ranges from funk, to rock and roll, to hip-hop, but together Logic, Molitz and Freekbass create electronic funk that appeals to fans of all genres. "

Local Lexington band, Shemale Fiesta, are opening things up and there is no one who doubts their ability to get the crowd hyped. (There last performance in Lexington…

Vote for Big Boi and the Black Keys to play the Grammys

Amplify’d from Are you all up on this Big Boi + Black Keys mashup? Mashups these days can be questionable, but this one is Big Boi approved and stankin'. After you check it out right here, go vote for Big Boi and the Black Keys to play the grammys. Read more at Official Outkast News Read more at
The Brothers of Chico Dusty - Black Keys + Big Boi
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