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Album Review: Night Torn Mad - Release "1.21"

Night Torn Mad, the Louisville, KY based band, started off the week with the release of  their first record "1.21" on Little Heart Records and is available on iTunes The band will be closing out the week with an album release party tonight, 10/23/2010, at Scull Alley.
Night Torn Mad consists of Kris King (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jeremy Heyer (drums, percussion), Aaron Williams (bass guitar) and Matt Thomasson (lead guitar), whom all of which are in no way new comers to the Louisville, KY music scene.  Kris is a former member of Mr. Blonde and current member of The Villains. Jeremy is a founding member of the the band Furje and also a current member of Double Down. Aaron Williams is former bass player for Mr. Blonde and current member of Double Down. Matt Thomasson is current member of Double Down.
With that being said, what can one expect from "1.21'? Well , with influences ranging from The White Stripes/Raconteurs, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Radiohead, B…

The granddaddy of electronic music has released an iPhone app

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Here at Switched, we love things that make noise. And when it comes to noise-making, few names have a stronger pedigree than Moog. The granddaddy of electronic music has released Filtatron, an iPhone app based around the classic Moog Ladder Filter that gives the company's analogue effects and synths their distinctive sound. You can use the digitally modeled classic filter to manipulate input from your iPhone's mic, recorded audio samples or the built-in oscillator. Filtatron even has a small bank of effects for adding distortion or delay to your sounds. While the preset samples and sound settings are fun to play with, you really unlock the power of the app when you start processing tones from the oscillator and your own recorded clips by manipulating them with the pads. You can change practically any settings or levels using the pads, allowing you to sweep through delay levels, play the oscillator or pump up the distortion. The pads are split in …

Sam Bush Band treats Lexington to More than Just a Free Show

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 The Sam Bush Band took the stage Friday evening, October 8th, 2010, at the Courthouse Plaza in Lexington, KY performing as part of the city's Spotlight Lexington which coincided withThe Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. The crowd greeted the designated "Father of Newgrass," and Kentucky Music Hall of Fame member, with a roaring welcome. Without hesitation, the show was under way as Bush, backed by a four piece band - banjoist Scott Vestal, guitarist Stephen Mougin, drummer Chris Brown and bassist Todd Parks, got right down to business and into the jams. The first hour was spent visiting hits, old and new, with "Ridin' That Bluegrass Train", "Blue Mountain", and even threw in a cover of Bob Marley's "One Love" for crowd pleasing good measure.

The second half of the show, Bush and company began to stretch out musically with a selection of songs possessing much more complex arrangements. Several of,  in…

iTour: Phish Fall Tour Planning on your iPhone

Amplify’d from iTour: Phish Fall Tour Planning on your iPhone It’s no secret that Phish tour brings out the best of the technology we have surrounding our lives these days, and this technology landscape just got a bit more targeted for the Phish fans that are tweeting setlists updates from their iPhones. iTour is an free iPhone app that is designed specifically for Phish’s Fall Tour and is programmed to provide the details, maps and info that any fan on fall tour would need at their fingertips. Mr. Miner posted on this earlier this week but I’m just catching the news now; he’s given the app a run-through over at his Phish Thoughts blog… Integrated with Google Maps on your iPhone, simply click on one of seven categories per venue, and iTour flips you to a map with your locales of choice already pinpointed. Choose from “Venue,” “Hotels,” “Restaurants,” Gas,” “Groceries,” “Liquor,” and “Campgrounds,” and the application will inform you of the nearest facilities around …