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The Disco Biscuits Full Set 1 Video - 9/19/09 - Stubb's in Austin,TX

Only just an hour ago The Disco Biscuits updated their twitter stream with a link to the full vid with instructions to 'relax' on this Thanksgiving night.

"Sit back and take in an hour of The Disco Biscuits performing live at Stubb's in Austin, Texas September 19, 2009. In this set, jam out to "Konkrete," "Little Betty Boop," "Voices Insane," "?Donde?," "Stone," and "The Devil's Waltz." Keep your eyes peeled for Set 2 and Encore coming soon!"

The Disco Biscuits - Live at Stubb's - Set 1
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Nobody does it like Kuroda. Untouchable!

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Moon Taxi returns to Lex, KY for 1st tango w/ C. Charlie Tonight.

Moon Taxi plays Cosmic Charlie's in Lexington, KY tonight; 11/21/09. They are fresh off well received Tour with Matisyahu, but said "they are glad headlining shows again." Moon Taxi will kick off around 11pm and tickets are only $7.
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This is what I call seriously f'n entertaining comedy. My friend @Lebowski_ sent me this over on facebook. I had never seen it before.