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The Other Brothers - Live at the KY Theater

The Other Brothers took the stage at The Kentucky Theater in Lexington, KY Thursday night 8/28/09, kicking off the 1st of this weekend's two shows promoting the release of their new album Heart Handcuffs. The 2nd of which is taking place tonight, Sat. 8/29, at The Fishtank.

As the band had previously announced, the formats of this weekend's shows would be as distinctly different as the two venues at which each would be held. Friday's show at The Kentucky Theater certainly adhered to that statement. Billed as a "live audience audio & video recording", the band performed a straight run through of the new album, with only a few extra songs thrown into the set, that clocked in at just a little over an hour. At the right price of free, there were certainly no complaints by any of the 100 or so in attendance. Not to mention, there was also the added bonus of seeing the first public performance of two songs on the record; "Last Chance Air" & "Cr…

"Them Crooked Vultures"...More than a Power Trio (Vids)

via Earlier this month we told you about the new supergroup Them Crooked Vultures. Featuring John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana) and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) fans of rock & roll everywhere are foaming at the mouth.The new band played their first show in Chicago on the Sunday after Lollapalooza at the Metro. They performed their second show last night (8/19) at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. As he did for the first gig, guitarist Alain Johannes joined the band for the entire show. A few videos have surfaced from the show last night. The quality is pretty poor, but it gives a nice taste of the power this band is sure to bring down upon hungry ears. Get a look at "Dead End Friends" here: (above)
Official video promo for "Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I" here: (below) ~ When the first general news snippets, verifying the truth of the band's mere existence, first started popping up; m…

Censorship or Copyright Infringement? Flickr Takes Down "Obama as Joker" Photo

Censorship or Copyright Infringement? Flickr Takes Down "Obama as Joker" Photo: "
Los Angeles residents recently began seeing a new sort of Obama poster plastered across their city. Instead of promoting 'hope,' these posters feature U.S. President Barack Obama wearing the Joker's clown makeup from the Batman movie 'The Dark Knight.' Even those outside of L.A. have likely seen this image somewhere as it soon took on a viral nature, appearing both online and in other cities across the country. The politically charged (and rather disturbing) photo serves as a counterpoint to the prolific and iconic 'hope' posters that became popular during Obama's campaign. Regardless of which side you favor, one thing can be said about this photo: it definitely grabs your attention.
But now, according to the photo's creator, Firas Alkhateeb, a 20-year-old college student from Chicago, the image has been removed from photo-sharing webs…

Update: Framed Print Sale - Price List- by Photographer - Chris Kasari

Photographer - Chris Kasari:  "Here are the framed prints that I have available. Click on the photo to view a larger version on Flickr.
All prints are signed and numbered, matted, and framed in a black metal frame with either glass or plexi.The prices listed are basically what it cost me to print and frame the photos. It does not include the cost of shipping. If I ship the print to you, I'll add the cost of shipping to the price. I don't imagine it would cost much more than $10 to ship any of these, except for the very large ones. If the print is very large and it needs to be shipped, I'll figure out how much it would cost and let you know before shipping it. If you live in or around Philly, I can bring the print to you or meet you somewhere in the city or whatever is most convenient for you.If you would like to purchase a print, email me at or send me a personal message here on Facebook. Thanks!"--------------------
"A Delicate Balanc…

Chris Kasari - Philadelphia Based Photographer - Kicks off Framed Print Sale

via Photographer, Chris Kasari, announced via facebook today: "I'm having a framed print sale! I recently took down an exhibition and now I have a ton of framed photos that I have no space for. So, I'm selling them at cost to clear up some space and recoup some $$$. Check out the link below and let me know if you see a photo that you'd like to hang on your wall."       --There are some absolutely amazing photos displayed here, in the mentioned link, to his "my favorites set" prints are going fast, so do not hesitate in contacting him in order to reserve your favorite print today. Kasari will also be doing a small exhibit in the upcoming, Philadelphia Fringe Festival this September.  @turnerburns��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…